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Re: srfi names Alex Shinn 15 Aug 2002 10:18 UTC

>>>>> "David" == David Rush <> writes:

    David> Alex Shinn <> writes:
    >> >>>>> "MJ" == MJ Ray <> writes:
    MJ> How are you defining success?  To me, CPAN tends to look rather
    MJ> like the librarians were asleep while stock intake occurred.  If
    MJ> we can avoid that problem, we will have done well.
    >> Success in managing 3584 module names, and having those names
    >> mostly make sense and be easy to use.

    David> Err... sensibility of the names and usability of the code are
    David> orthogonal issues, aren't they?

Sorry, that was ambiguous... I meant usability of the names.  I did add
right afterwards that I made no claims about the quality of the code :)

A name could make sense but not be very "usable," if it were hard to
remember or just overly long.