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Re: SRFI naming MJ Ray 20 Aug 2002 15:14 UTC

Michael Sperber [Mr.  Preprocessor] <> wrote:
> Yes, I did.  I'm sorry if I expressed myself poorly: I know what it's
> supposed to mean, but I fail to see how it's easier to rememember than
> the SRFI serial number.

Associated names are easier to remember than numbers.

> [...]  I therefore ask you to answer the question we're both asking,
> namely what problem you're trying to solve.  You may feel you've answered
> it before, but you sure haven't been getting across to me.

I still think that's worth an answer, though.  Is this just a naming or
intended to be the basis for a module system?  The two things get confused
often in these discussions.

> I still don't get it.  What's preventing you from using any name you like?

The lack of portable-across-implementation names, I guess.