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Re: Slowness Taylor Campbell (12 Jun 2003 20:48 UTC)
Re: Slowness MJ Ray (23 Jun 2003 18:45 UTC)
Re: Slowness sperber@xxxxxx (25 Jun 2003 07:38 UTC)

Re: Slowness sperber@xxxxxx 25 Jun 2003 07:38 UTC

>>>>> "MJ" == MJ Ray <> writes:

MJ> Taylor Campbell <> wrote:
>> I know a module system is going to be very controversial, but the
>> problem can't be ignored any longer.

MJ> So fix it.  Do syntax-case modules have problems?  Are the problems
MJ> with modules documented?

Richard Kelsey, Matthew Flatt, and I intend to work on the problem in
the foreseeable future.  We've already agreed on substantial basics.
I just need to move one other SRFI from my own queue into draft first

Cheers =8-} Mike
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