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SRFI quizzes Alex Shinn (23 Jan 2006 10:31 UTC)
Re: SRFI quizzes Thien-Thi Nguyen (23 Jan 2006 10:48 UTC)

SRFI quizzes Alex Shinn 23 Jan 2006 10:30 UTC

OK, this may seem like a silly idea but I'll throw it out there

A lot of people are intimidated on SRFI mailing lists, often because
they may not know much about the material in question.  This is
unfortunate because Schemers often come from widely different
backgrounds and have useful views and specific knowledge to

On the other hand, people who *are* familiar with the topic may reply
hastily before reading and comprehending the entire SRFI.  Or they may
in fact just be clueless.

One possible attempt to both alleviate arguments arising from
misinterpretation of the SRFI, as well as to encourage opinions from
those less familiar with the topic, would be to optionally publish a
quiz along with each SRFI.  The quiz could cover major anticipated
misinterpretations and involve a handful of brief programming
problems, so people could get a feel for how the system would work in
practice.  Nothing long or involved, but after reading the draft and
preparing to participate in the discussion, an extra 10 minutes or so
to run through a quiz certainly isn't very demanding of time.  Rather
than being intimidating, I think this would in fact encourage more
casual users if they get a passing score - they'd have more confidence
that they weren't missing the big issues or making a stupid
assumption.  This would be an honor system of course - no one would
collect and grade the quizzes.