Where are the Scheme related mailing lists? (And R7RS-related?) Ciprian Dorin Craciun 29 Mar 2018 09:49 UTC

As the subject says, I wonder if there are any "common" Scheme-related
mailing lists out there?

I know that each Scheme implementation has its own mailing list and
community, but given on how many implementations exist (thus how
"fragmented" the landscape looks), and how "small" the community is
for each such implementation, I think there must be a "common" place
where people discuss Scheme-related issues.  Or?

And regarding R7RS, I wondered where do the discussions happen for the
up-coming R7RS-large?  (I would like to at least "lurk" in the
background and see in which direction the Scheme standard goes.)

Thanks for any pointers,