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On 2019-04-28 15:17, Lassi Kortela wrote:
> Frank added new stuff to the aggregated package listing again, and
> browsing it suddenly made me very happy. It provides a glimpse and
> confirmation of the vision I've had all along.


> People draw impressions and make decisions based on mental pictures.
> This affects our feelings of confidence, security, accomplishment and
> motivation. Those feelings imbue life with a sense of direction and
> meaning which fundamentally affects where we allocate our time.

Well written.

> The challenge Scheme has had is that we have a lot of good stuff but
> it's largely hidden from view. So when people without significant
> Scheme experience try to picture it in their minds, they draw a blank,
> or perhaps a hazy vision of past glory and present ambivalence.
> Aggregating all things Scheme onto one website will refresh that
> vision with a vivid picture of a lively and featureful language with a
> great community.


> As information is added, browsing the package listing is starting to
> feel more and more like languages with bigger communities (there are
> currently over 1000 packages in it). Once we can integrate Arthur's
> excellent SRFI listings, the implementation metadata, documentation
> and search for all of these things as well as equivalent REPL and
> editor hooks, a lot more experienced programmers and adventurous
> novices are going to be looking favorably at Scheme. Many of them will
> get addicted thanks to Scheme's intrinsic merits. And the community's
> internal motivation ought to be boosted when the sum total of the
> fruits of our labor is on clear display. Now and then it feels lonely
> and tiresome to work on a little corner of the world for weeks on end,
> but when you can directly grasp the big picture into which your puzzle
> piece is going, there are few other things that can motivate a person
> so much.

> What few differences there are between proponents of
> different standards and implementations,

This link might be useful in this regard:

> I hope we can put them aside
> for this project and gradually come to agree that in the end we all
> win when Scheme wins.


> For me this milestone (searching for a feeling, which the package
> listing has now homed in on) vindicates these past couple months of
> frenzied and occasionally bizarre-looking activity that we often did
> by guesswork and with no certain payoff. It gives newfound confidence
> that we have all been doing valuable work for a good cause with a
> solid strategy.
> I can't wait to show everyone that their picture of Lisp in the
> dustbin of computer history needs an update. I hope you will stick
> around so together we can get the job done faster :)

Thanks for writing this.