Re: Joy and reflection Lassi Kortela 28 Apr 2019 17:57 UTC

>> Frank added new stuff to the aggregated package listing again
> link?

The listing is online at <>. Some
clickable links just added.

It's generated by <>. If you clone
that git repo and run 'make' you should be able to get 'packhack.html'
and 'packhack.json' with the same contents as that copy on the web.

> This link might be useful in this regard:

Yeah, that's a great opinion piece and does the difficult job of giving
recommendations without coming across as too partisan :)

> Thanks for writing this.

Thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot, and for being with us! A
little encouragement and company goes a long way when working on niche
technology. We have few people but the ones we have are incredibly
capable. So the future is very hopeful, and this is a really great
environment for learning and self-improvement too :)