Scheme Cookbook Lassi Kortela 29 Apr 2019 18:45 UTC

Does anyone know of any existing Scheme cookbooks?

The one that's supposed to be at <> has
apparently vanished from the internet. It's also linked from:

* <>
* <>

And the Scheme wiki explains it thus:

"The Schematics Scheme Cookbook is a collaborative effort to produce
time-saving documentation and recipes for using Scheme for common tasks
in practical contexts, particularly in commercial environments.

The Cookbook aims to focus on portable Scheme solutions where possible,
relying particularly on SRFIs to achieve this. Where a portable solution
is impractical, the Cookbook currently focuses on the use of PLT-Scheme.
The hope is that the Cookbook will be able to support other
implementations in future."

This sounds very good -- could we resurrect this under Schemedoc and
bring it up to date?