Re: Scheme Cookbook Lassi Kortela 29 Apr 2019 20:36 UTC

Thanks, these are excellent links! I'll study them.

A lot of people have far-reaching personal collections of Scheme
libraries. They appear to be surprisingly high quality as well. We
should probably do a systematic survey of them and find out if there are
useful libraries that haven't yet been added to package managers. slib
has been widely packaged and Akku has spells/xitomatl, but not sure
about others.

 >   * If you're searching more generally for Scheme best practices, I
 >     don't have any links

I was thinking it would be good to have a traditional cookbook of simple
things for people who don't have years of experience (pretty basic stuff
like how to work with hash tables or byte ports, or file system or date
and time stuff). For Scheme this would be especially useful since we
have more than one standard and lots of implementations. So it could
show how to do the same task in different implementations. Kind of like
Rosetta Code (<>) but covering Scheme only.

 > I like to read through the SRFI implementations, because that's often
so beautiful code.

That's a good point :) I hadn't thought of them from that perspective.