Re: Feature matrix and scheme implementation metadata Lassi Kortela 15 Jul 2019 18:48 UTC

> Yeah, that is the spirit I would like to give to my scheme
> implementations comparator.

Anything to help users better understand the differences between the
implementations is great! I would also like to have some kind of
comparison widget.

We have to try carefully not to be biased against any implementations,
but at the same time recommendations need to be given in some place.
It's worth putting some time into thinking where to make recommendations
(on which sites).

With the API it's even more difficult - since it has to serve the whole
Scheme community, we probably can't put statements like "Chez is the
fastest Scheme" in the API data. (Even though that's the consensus,
there are probably some tasks or platforms for which it is not fastest.)
At the same time, that's a useful way to explain it to newbies.

In the BSD world, there was a similar way to explain it: "FreeBSD =
performance, NetBSD = portability, OpenBSD = security". The developers
from each BSD would sometimes say, "hey, there's more to it than that!"
:) But it was the most useful summary for newbies. We are in a similar
situation with Scheme.

> Spoiler: the database is incomplete, it is just a demo but you can try
> it at
> The code is at
> The code is not very good, I need to take a step back and think on how
> I will proceed with (all) the work I have.

This is really nice progress. Demos are the best way to boost morale.

I spied the Network tab in the Firefox dev console, and it downloads
"" which looks like the Chibi standard library, and "main.scm"
which is the application and support lib. Are chibi.wasm and chibi.js
alternative compiled/transpiled versions of the Chibi VM itself?

> Have a good day all!

You too!