Re: Cosmetics, Graphics, Colours and Logo Lassi Kortela 17 Jul 2019 12:47 UTC

> Should I understand by that you don't like my web design? Spoiler: I
> don't mind.

Design preferences are always very personal so there is a lot of
potential to offend others. I would much rather have your design than
one of those generic looking ones.

This is the most important point I'd like to make on design: please,
let's not become one more programming site with one of those generic
designs that are mainly based around convenience. Scheme programming is
fun exploration, so our site should be too.

> I put a great deal of thought into the design
> Here is the rationale:
> *I wanted a serif-font* because most if not all schemes are related to
> academia,
> I think that rejecting the roots of Scheme is bad karma. It is very bold
> to pick a serif font for a web view.

I like this kind of thinking. And serif fonts are basically fine now
that screens have better resolution and contrast.

No opinion of the bad karma thing, but I like that you think in stories
and metaphors. That should be a good foundation.

> *For the background and visual artifacts*, I wanted something in the spirit
> of that is computer / algorithm generated
> visuals something like fractals.

I also love computer-generated art, especially with recursion. Not sure
yet how to fit it in with Scheme.

I like the background image on because it reminds me of
space, and space exploration is really inspiring. But I don't think it's
an ideal fit for Scheme since space and Scheme don't have much in common.

> I settled a colourful strong abstract dark background, but not a video.
> A black background
> because every website around the web (but not use white, white-ish
> background. I thought that being original would help convey the idea
> that Scheme requires attention.

We think the same way. I like it :) I would also strongly prefer to go
against the flow.

> The colourful abstract and strong part, was mainly
> to balance
> with the lack of visual in the actual page. Without a video, it gives a
> sense of *dynamism*.

This is great, I would also like to give a sense of dynamism. I'd
approach it from another point of view - I'll start another thread about
metaphors to explain it.

> The background is actually an image from space I picked from
> Here is another design I made for another (scheme) software, that is missing
> the dynamic nature and also sound much more serious and too much
> pretentious:

I like everything about that design - the colors, the font choices, the
layout, the background.

I don't think it's right for Scheme (see thread about metaphors) but it
looks great.

> *Colours: *I like flat ui colors <>

I like many different kinds of color schemes so long as it doesn't look
institutional (corporate or academic) :)

If academic vibes are desired, I'd rather go for a "cozy bookshop/cafe"
feel. That's a pleasant and informal version of it.

Blue and gray are the riskiest colors (it's very easy to design
something that looks kind of sad or boring). Vivid colors like orange
and green are the easiest way to spice things up.

The principle is that a site should make people feel at home - that it's
an environment that people enjoy being in, not just a utility. Utility
sites can work, but they are not memorable and enjoyable. Scheme is a
labor of love for us so we should let it show in the design as well.
That should fuel our own motivation too.

> My favourite scheme implementation website is by far the website of
> gerbil <> even if it contradicts all the above points.

Exactly! Design is about being original and inviting first. It doesn't
matter if it's a little clumsy. Rules can and should be broken when it
makes sense.

> I am not saying, schemedoc api browser should use my style, I just want
> get started the conversation about the cosmetics aspects, the visuals and possibly
> ui/ux elements that we want to have in the application.

Thanks for adding fuel to the fire :) We have a similar way to think
about design. Much to my surprise - I expected to be the weirdo on this
list. This is a lot of fun.