Re: Cosmetics, Graphics, Colours and Logo Lassi Kortela 24 Jul 2019 10:26 UTC

> On the topic of logo, there is small presentation about lambda logos
> at

I've seen that page too. Do you like some of those logos?

I love the MIT Scheme logo. Also love this "Knights" emblem:
<>. Life is more
fun with a little mystique.

As a counter to Xah's point that "mathematical symbols are not to be
trifled with", I'd say that all of programming is trifling with math.
Some languages just hide it better than others. So I think using the
lambda symbol is fine.

If someone here has logo ideas that don't involve lambda, I'd love to
hear them. Scheme is many other things besides its mathematical
foundation. With logos as with other graphic design, it's worth keeping
in mind that most logos (even extremely famous ones) contain metaphors.