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Question about Jakub T. Jankiewicz 26 Nov 2020 13:05 UTC
Will this sub domain be free for usage? I plan to write Scheme playground  (I
have some progress) for my Scheme based language called LIPS, it's similar
to racket in a sense that it add new features on top of Scheme, but still
it's compatible with R7RS. The application will be something similar to and codepen. It would be nice if the domain have try and scheme so it
will rank higher in Google for "try scheme".

As for LIPS Scheme, the project home page is at this url [1], the website
will be updated soon to showcase beta version since the stable is way out of
date. Beta versions are pretty stable but they have lot of breaking changes.
I'm trying to be as close to R7RS as possible, the only breaking change in
regard to spec is that is more compatible with it.

The features that LIPS have that for instance BiwaScheme don't have (the
alternative web Scheme interpreter) are hygienic macros and fully working
quasi quotation (all test are passing and I don't have any breaking examples
as of now). It will also have file system support, IO/Ports (using in browser
FS library that use indexedDB). LIPS also have full Numerical tower (I still
need to write unit test for basic operations) including number literals.

My question besides if will be free is how this would be
setup? Can this just be reference in DNS that point to other server (I'm not
DNS expert). I want to create something using some free service, so it will
last after my death. I was plying with qovery[1] that allow to run docker
applications and they have free plan (including SSL and custom domain), if the
service will not shut down, I will be able to host the application there and
only use DNS records to run my app when something visit

And besides that it will show my interpreter It will showcase the language