Re: Who should maintain the RnRS subdomains? Lassi Kortela 27 Nov 2020 23:12 UTC

> I think we can collect the reports and their source code, but I don't
> think we should create web sites for them.  That would imply more
> authority about them than we have.  I suggest putting together one page
> or one domain, e.g. <>,
> or using the history page/domain we discussed earlier, and summarizing
> all the standards there, collecting the PDFs, source code, mailing list
> archives, etc.  In other words, concentrating on collecting the
> historical record of them for preservation.

I don't think routine maintenance of the websites for the standards
implies authority over the technical contents of the standards
themselves. Empirically, it's clear that we can't rely on authors to
produce their own websites.

If an author of a particular RnRS wants to make a change to its website,
we should give them veto power over the site, but in the absence of such
initiative it would help the user community of those standards if we
took care of some basics like fixing dead links and serving the
standards in different formats.