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Scheme Books Lassi Kortela (28 Dec 2023 12:43 UTC)
Re: Scheme Books Arthur A. Gleckler (28 Dec 2023 14:33 UTC)
Re: Scheme Books Lassi Kortela (29 Dec 2023 09:41 UTC)
Re: Scheme Books Stephen De Gabrielle (29 Dec 2023 21:25 UTC)

Re: Scheme Books Lassi Kortela 29 Dec 2023 09:41 UTC is now live.

Some of the info boxes look funny because there is no info in them yet.
They are waiting for your pull request :p The source is here:

I didn't add a link from yet.

Marc Feeley sent a list of books, all of which are incorporated onto the

BTW, there is now It would be nice if we
can work into a readthedocs or devdocs style browser for
hierarchical documentation of all kinds. The books for which we have
permission to publish the full text could be incorporated into it,
giving people the same interface to books and online manuals.