Re: ASGI, and further work related to www Lassi Kortela 31 Jul 2020 13:39 UTC

> I will be working on an HTTP 1.1 request and response parser this
> week-end. I found a source of well tested http parsers in oss-fuzz
> project:

Great, sounds good!

>>> 7) Start an SRFI about an HTTP client
>> I have some ideas on that which I will try to post when I get some time for it.

IMHO the most important thing about HTTP clients is to have separate
serial and multiplexed clients. The serial one is much simpler. Unless
I'm mistaken, HTTP 1.1 is all serial, so the problem doesn't come up
here. But using the same API to access HTTP 1.1 and to access HTTP/2
serially would be useful.