Foreign errors are not necessarily errors Lassi Kortela 03 Aug 2020 16:34 UTC

>>     HTTP codes are not necessarily error codes. Not sure whether it is a
>>     "foreign error" either.

> The term 'error' may be misleading.  A condition does not in itself
> describe an error or something other than an error; it simply describes
> an exceptional situation.  The situation becomes an error situation iff
> the condition is raised non-continuably (as opposed to just treated as a
> value or raised continuabily).  I'm thinking that we should change
> foreign-error to foreign-condition everywhere, with the possible
> exception of raise-foreign-error (if it is raised with `raise`, it is an
> error).

"Foreign condition" sounds like a medical term. "Foreign outcome" is
similarly OK. "Foreign status" is OK but a bit abstract. "Foreign
situation". "Foreign result"?

The foreign error framework is an excellent fit for transmitting HTTP
status codes, but a HTTP status is not an exception in any sense of the
word -- every response carries a status.