Final comments, mostly editorial John Cowan 27 Nov 2013 23:59 UTC

1) For "process-instructions and properties" read "processing instructions
and DTD properties".

2) For "processing-instructions" read "processing instructions".

3) For "leave out the ending tag" (twice) read "leave out the name
in the end-tag".

4) (Substantive).  > must be escaped in character content iff it
is preceded by ]]; this is an XML well-formedness requirement.

5) for "a xml-true-attribute" read "an xml-true-attribute".

6) for "4 integers" read "four integers".

7) For "ending tag" and "end tag" read "end-tag".

8) For "Element (tag) names" read "Element names"

9) For "looks like standard" read "looks like a standard"

10) For "compute the element tag" read "compute the name in the start-tag".

11) For "simple (unprefixed) element tags" read "unprefixed element names".

John Cowan
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