Re: Comments John Cowan 10 Feb 2016 01:24 UTC

Takashi Kato scripsit:

> - make-vector-comparator contains ']]' but no '[['. Seems not needed.
> - In description of comparator-if<=>, <object1 doesn't have >
> - comparator-if<=> doesn't say the comparison is done for given
> <object1> and <object2>.
>   it is rather obvious in which order should be done but might be
> helpful to specify it.
> - Test case contains fake-hash-salt but no definition.


> - Should hash functions signal an error if given obj type does not
> match the type of function?

It can do that but is not required to.

>   e.g. (boolean-hash 'a) ;; -> ?

It can return an exact integer or a random Scheme object, signal an
error, wipe your hard disk, or make demons fly out of your nose.

> - Should comparator-register-default! affect comparators already
> returned by make-default-comparator?

Again, it can do that but is not required to.

> - Default comparator of comparator-if<=>. Should comparator-if<=>
> evaluate (make-default-comparator) each time or it can be the same
> object?

It can be the same or different.

> - I'm implementing this SRFI atop SRFI-114 and it seems test case requires
>   comparator-ordering-predicate to return the procedure passed to
> make-comparator.
>   Is this required by the SRFI?

No.  I have commented out those tests.

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