Re: How many people are interested in designing the OS interface? Per Bothner 09 May 2019 15:04 UTC

On 5/9/19 5:45 AM, Lassi Kortela wrote:
> The interface should also translate well to JVM and CLR so it would be good to look at Kawa and IronScheme too. Luckily JVM and CLR both allow calls to native code in case there's something really tricky.

I'm not convinced that direct Scheme access to low-level integer file descriptors and fork are
useful to standardize.

It is better to standardize higher-level APIs. For example Kawa has a flexible high-level process API:

Doing doing a 'fork' on the JVM using native code seems like a bad idea.  Better to use ProcessBuilder,
which is quite flexible:

I build a single portable "universal" binary release for Kawa. Adding native code would complicate that.
	--Per Bothner