Re: How many people are interested in designing the OS interface? Per Bothner 09 May 2019 15:49 UTC

On 5/9/19 8:32 AM, Lassi Kortela wrote:

>> I build a single portable "universal" binary release for Kawa. Adding native code would complicate that.
> Do you currently manage with only Java's standard libraries, i.e. no JNA or JNI?

Correct.  For input editing in the past I would build a C front-end that wraps GNU readline.
This is still an option, but the default is to use the jline3 library, which manages without
native code.  (Don't remember the details, but I believe it involves invocation of stty,
so it's pretty heavy-weight.  JLine3 has the option to use more efficient native libraries,
but a few extra process invocations for each input line really don't matter.)
	--Per Bothner