Re: Existing OS APIs in Scheme implementations Lassi Kortela 11 May 2019 19:27 UTC

> The BitBucket repo that I've been referring to began life as WG1's Trac
> wiki, but when we lost that it was easier to convert it to a repo than a
> BitBucket wiki (Mercurial repos are much more portable).  I'm perfectly
> happy to give write access to whomever wants it (currently just me and
> Art Gleckler).  I really don't want to see yet another location for this
> work.

Fair enough. Do you mean that instead of a wiki we would do mercurial
commits to the repo? (Does BitBucket have a built-in wiki, and if so, is
it any good or would you rather just stick to version control commits
from the get-go?) I can have write access, or if BitBucket has an
equivalent to pull requests, I can submit those. My handle there is @lassi.