Symmetry of current-process vs other-process procedures Lassi Kortela 26 Aug 2019 15:54 UTC

So far we have these procedures for getting information about the
current process:


It would be natural to implement the same procedures for subprocesses,
or even for unrelated processes (for programs that do 'top'-like things):

(process-working-directory <process>)
(process-pid <process>)
(process-parent-pid <process>)
(process-process-group <process>)
(process-nice <process>)
(process-user-uid <process>)
(process-user-gid <process>)
(process-user-supplementary-gids <process>)

Juxtaposing them like that leads to the following observations:

* process-process-group sounds funny

* "nice" is decent as a verb, but would "priority" be a more obvious and
universal word?

* "process-user" sounds a bit redundant.