Re: Symmetry of current-process vs other-process procedures Lassi Kortela 26 Aug 2019 18:21 UTC

> If you want all that, grovel in /proc yourself, I say.

I didn't mean that the present SRFI should include procedures to query
other processes. I meant naming the procedures we do have in such a way
that it will be easy to make symmetrical extensions in the future.

> The difference between niceness and priority:  Niceness is set by the
> program and is normally more or less static.  Priority is determined by
> the kernel on a moment-by-moment basis, taking niceness and many other
> things into account.

If "priority" is generally understood as a dynamic concept then it's
best to stick with that. From that point of view, niceness is a priority
hint. On Windows, it seems they just talk about setting the priority:
<>. I
can't find distinctive words for priority and priority hint there.