Re: Move-to-trash procedure Lassi Kortela 29 Aug 2019 14:51 UTC

> I understand your reasoning, and I agree that the clipboard belongs with
> trash in a separate SRFI.  Note that there are Python CLI programs
> trash, trash-list, trash-restore, trash-empty that implement the
> FreeDesktop protocol, so it isn't only desktop users who can trash.

Thanks. That's true (and very neat - e.g. Emacs has a
delete-by-moving-to-trash variable that presumably works even from the
terminal). However command line programs should still adhere to the
conventions set by GUI desktops since those came first. It's great that
FreeDesktop has a clearly specified implementation.

The clipboard can also be used from the command line. MacOS comes with
pbcopy and pbpaste utilities (pb is short for pasteboard - a different
name for the same thing).

I can collaborate on a trash/clipboard SRFI if someone wants to write
one. It'd be a fun exploration of Scheme FFI (knock on wood).