New draft (#4) of SRFI 175: ASCII character library Arthur A. Gleckler 27 Sep 2019 16:36 UTC

I've just published draft #4 of SRFI
175.  It was submitted by Lassi Kortela,
author of the SRFI.


Here are Lassi's comments on the draft:

  Extensively tested, ready to publish.

Here is the commit summary:

  - add gerbil support
  - compile gerbil with optimizations
  - Remove Gerbil library shim
  - Polish Gerbil scripts
  - Add Gerbil to implementation list
  - Add Vicare run script
  - Add IronScheme run script
  - Add IronScheme to implementation
  - Set missing Unix execute bits
  - Add case insensitive comparison
  - Require Scheme codepoints 0..127 to
    be ASCII
  - Update RnRS procedure equivalence
  - Close all string ports
  - Add Acknowledgements section
  - Refactor r7rs-to-r6rs script
  - Add SPDX copyright headers
  - Fix HTML markup of <pre> blocks
  - Limit output of strings example
  - Return a value from strings example
  - Add Vicare to implementation list
  - Make compile scripts uniform
  - Let user override Chez Scheme
    command name
  - Add README for implementation
  - Clarify explanation of comparison
  - Publish fourth draft.

Here's the diff:



SRFI Editor