Re: Implementation suggestions Amirouche Boubekki 03 Feb 2020 11:02 UTC

Le dim. 26 janv. 2020 à 01:33, Lassi Kortela <> a écrit :
> This SRFI is so useful that I already started using the sample
> implementation even though it's work in progress :) I'd like to use it
> from more Scheme implementations than just Chibi.
> Do you accept the following changes?
> - Rename the library from (JSON) to (srfi 180)


> - Rewrite `maybe-read-number` so it doesn't rely on regular expressions
> and `string->number`. This would remove the dependency on (chibi regexp)
> making it easier to port SRFI 180 to other R7RS Schemes.

I will not fix it myself.

scheme regex is in r7rs-large. Recoding string->number to only accept
JSON text numbers would be difficult.

> I can send a PR, or if you prefer to do them yourself, I'll wait. I
> already sent a PR with some trivial changes today; hope they're OK.

I integrated some of your suggested changes.

Feel free to make a pull request against my fork at:

I do not plan to change more code until the second draft is published,
so there will be no merge conflicts if you only edit code. Do not
forget to add yourself to the copyright notice in srfi-180.html.  We
should also add copyright headers or spdx tags?

I will work on the specification.