Minor textual issues Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe (16 Nov 2020 08:09 UTC)
Re: Minor textual issues John Cowan (16 Nov 2020 22:48 UTC)

Minor textual issues Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 16 Nov 2020 08:09 UTC

A few remaining things:

(1) Does make-enumeration take a list of symbols/name-value pairs like
make-enum-type?  (Presumably yes, given the "names and values"
terminology.)  If so, its argument should be renamed from "symbol-list".

(2) There's some unrelated text pasted onto the end of
enum-set-constructor's description.

(3) The description of enum-set-constructor is slightly confusing:
"Returns a procedure that accepts one argument, a list of symbols.
Returns a newly allocated enum set containing the enums whose names
are members of the list of symbols."  I'd replace the first period
with ", and which".

(4) enum-subset?, unlike enum-set<=?, allows the sets to be of
different enum types, and there's some text paraphrased from R6RS
about types being subsets of each other.  I think this is an artifact;
we don't provide any way to construct an enum-subtype, so sets of
different types are never subsets of each other.

(5) define-enum: What do the <type-name> and <constructor> macros do
when given invalid symbols?

(6) enum-set->list: Is the result supposed to be in ordinal order,
or in some unspecified order?

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