Re: Restrictions Felix Winkelmann 06 Jan 2004 09:51 UTC

Am Tue, 06 Jan 2004 10:24:32 +0100 hat Michael Sperber
<> geschrieben:

>>>>>> "Felix" == Felix Winkelmann <> writes:
> Felix> Huh? Then perform a callback. Where's the problem?
> So I do callbacks essentially all the time, except for stuff which
> doesn't allocate where no problems occurred in the first place.
> Doesn't this drag in all the problems you're trying to avoid?

No, because the arguments have already been transformed into a
sensible (for C) representation, so the need for manual extraction
doesn't arise. There are situations where I want to do this, but
there are very few of those, and then I can still do the callback.
You normally don't cons that much in wrapped code: C doesn't know
about Scheme data. It cares about C data.