Re: Comparing Pika-syle and JNI-style Tom Lord 15 Jan 2004 02:35 UTC

    > From: Shiro Kawai <>

    > > Given the scheme_value, I read the address of the malloced (or inline)
    > > string and operate on that.  At this point the scheme_value, if I'm
    > > not otherwise using it, is a dead variable as far as C is concerned.
    > > Should the scheme value be collected while I'm working on the string,
    > > the string data will be freed out from under me.

    > As Per noted, Boehm GC avoids this if configured with "interior
    > pointer" flag.

Ok, but that doesn't help if the data is separately allocated.

Or, for that matter, if my pointer is pointed past the end of the
string but I'm indexing at a negative offset from it.

The whole thing just plays way too fast and loose with C semantics to
be acceptable for critical systems.