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Re: Couple things... Michael Sperber 17 Jan 2004 15:58 UTC

>>>>> "Ray" == Ray Dillinger <> writes:

Ray> 4. My runtime does not have a C stack, at all, and allocates all
Ray>    call frames on the heap, with attendant risk of garbage
Ray>    collection.  To the extent that there are primitive-data stacks,
Ray>    they're small structures allocated inside the scheme call-frames,
Ray>    on the heap.  (note that this is also part of the source of pain
Ray>    for items 2 and 3 because it means I can't funcall or call to C
Ray>    without allocating on the heap.  The only way to forestall GC is
Ray>    to preallocate before getting into the area GC is locked out of).

Scheme 48 works the same way.  (It uses a cache for the current
continuation, but that doesn't change things significantly.)  Could
you spell out where exactly this would cause a problem?

Cheers =8-} Mike
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