records all have same internal-name Per Bothner 20 Dec 2004 06:47 UTC

I'm trying to get the srfi-57 implementation through the
Kawa implementation.  One issue is the invocation of
srfi-9:define-record-type always creates a primitive
record type named "internal-name".  This is unfortunate.
The Kawa implementation of srfi-9 maps each define-record-type
to a new simple Java class, with the same name as the
Scheme type (after mapping Scheme names to valid Java
identifiers).  I could change Kawa to generate a artificial
class name, perhaps making use of a sequence number, ut
I really don't want to do that, it shouldn't be needed.
The <record/scheme type definition> includes a <type name>
and I really want to use that name to generate a Java name.

I am also getting a *lot* of srfi-9:define-record-types
created - 389 classes generated (at run-time rather than
compile-time) for the trivial 'point' example.
I'm hoping these are due to bugs in Kawa's macro
expansion:  So far the reference iplementation has been
useful to stress-test and find bugs in Kawa's macro handling!
	--Per Bothner