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Re: gratuitous optimization and benchmarking soo 11 Apr 2006 03:11 UTC

 * From: Alan Watson <>
 * Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2006 12:12:55 -0500
 * Subj: Re: gratuitous optimization and benchmarking

 | Joo ChurlSoo wrote:

   >> Although I understand that it is possible to momentarily forget
   >> things, it is quite discomforting to come to these realizations
   >> now.  I still have a difficult time understanding how such an
   >> important detail could be overlooked.

 | I forget things all the time, so I have no problem understanding why
 | this might have been overlooked. Taylor's other responses have shown
 | that he was interested figuring out the difference between his
 | results and yours.

It was my fault that I overlooked that he had pointed out the old
version number specifically in his test results and missed out that in
his recommendation.

Anyway, I appreciate his pointing out the solution to the
problem of VALUES/CALL-WITH-VALUES as a user of Scheme48.

Joo ChurlSoo