Re: volume of discussion Lassi Kortela 01 May 2021 20:56 UTC

>> I agree!
>> Alternatively (which is probably harder), encourage people to move to a
>> different medium (which one and where?) when it is more about chatter that
>> doesn't need to archived.
> The #scheme-live channel on Freenode has been active (albeit with just
> a handful of familiar names) for a while now.  I'd suggest this as a
> less formal and more topic-appropirate venue for this discussion, if
> you don't mind IRC.

I apologize for abruptly dropping off IRC. #scheme-live had good
discussion but we did not really end up doing design work there; #scheme
is in the same boat. So far email and GitHub issues have been productive
design outlets. I have similar experiences with Slack as with IRC re:
design, things quickly get disorganized and people aren't generally in a
mood to work on concrete problems there.

A way to group discussion threads by subject seems to be a necessary and
sufficient condition for design work.

The last thread on Scheme processes should have perhaps gone to the WG2
mailing list; it's hard to say with the work being so intertwined.