Re: Repository of R7RS implementations and tests taylanbayirli@xxxxxx 24 Aug 2015 19:00 UTC

"Arthur A. Gleckler" <> writes:

> I'm wary of requiring R7RS since there are still active users on
> non-R7RS implementations who might contribute. I'm happy to encourage
> it, though, and to encourage providing test code, as you suggest.
> Perhaps adding an entry to the FAQ would be good. Here's a draft:
>     What standard should my reference implementation use?
>     We encourage contributors to use R7RS combined with other SRFIs as
>     a basis as much as possible. However, some SRFIs will require
>     features not present in R7RS and other SRFIs, and that's okay.
>     Furthermore, using other RnRS standards, as well as IEEE Scheme,
>     is acceptable.
>     What should my reference implementation include?
>     It should implement all the features described in the SRFI
>     document. In addition, if at all possible, please include
>     automated tests. Having them will help implementors, which will
>     increase the likelihood that your SRFI is incorporated in Scheme
>     implementations. In addition, it will help users understand how it
>     is to be used.
> What does everyone think?

Sounds good to me.