Re: Please recommend a Scheme to transpile to browser-side JavaScript Lassi Kortela 09 Jul 2019 12:15 UTC

> What are your preferred ways of working on this? I can produce the
> mock-ups but it will take some time (at least a week or two) to get
> anything done. If you are enthusiastic to start already, we can think of
> another approach. And if you think the above plan is too ambitious or
> dumb, that's fine too and we can do it another way :) The nice thing is
> that with all the data in the API, experimenting on the UI is a lot
> cheaper.

Here's another idea: I could start work on a prototype in Elm once I can
find the time and you could start work on a prototype in Scheme and work
on it whenever you want. We could compare ideas back and forth until the
versions are equally good from a user's point of view. Your Scheme
version could run at the "official" domain <> and I can
run the Elm version unofficially under <*>. Both versions can
use the same API at <> and we can add data/queries to
the API as needed.

Again, if other people want to help us, please chime in :)