Re: Please recommend a Scheme to transpile to browser-side JavaScript Arthur A. Gleckler 09 Jul 2019 19:07 UTC

Amirouche Boubekki <> writes:

| Yes, we could start by just sketching the sitemap or navigation
| What kind of website is it?

We should certainly draw inspiration from sites like
<>.  Although it has limited content, the
graphic design is easy to read and professional looking.  Good
graphic design makes a huge difference in first impressions, and
first impressions are super important on the web, where readers
may bounce away from a site in just a few seconds if it looks
amateurish, incomplete, out-of-date, or otherwise doesn't draw
them in.

Another thing we should keep in mind is making sure that the site
is easy to read on smart phones.  Not only do more and more people
use phones as their primary means of reading the web, but Google
gives a Page Rank boost to sites that work well on mobile.

| - Also the websites / documentations are supported by a (home
made) search index.

Yes, this can make a big difference.

I like all the ideas you presented, but I want to mention that
many web sites like this start with a lot of energy and then die
from lack of attention.  It's important to choose a few things
that we can do well for a long time.  Other things can be added,
too, but the site has to provide some core, lasting value that we
can sustainably maintain.

| I like ambitious projects. Thought there is a great change also
that we
| get lost with fatigue and burn out... just saying.

Yes, exactly.