Re: Please recommend a Scheme to transpile to browser-side JavaScript Arthur A. Gleckler (09 Jul 2019 18:54 UTC)

Re: Please recommend a Scheme to transpile to browser-side JavaScript Arthur A. Gleckler 09 Jul 2019 18:54 UTC

Lassi Kortela <> writes:

| That's a fair question. I think it would be best if I did a
mock-up or prototype to illustrate it. It's hard to convey with
words alone... I'd like to have a mash-up of
<>, <>, <>,
<>. But that doesn't really communicate, because with
Scheme we have to present multiple implementations. It would also
be nice to present cookbook and tutorial material (e.g. if someone
looks at an API reference for a procedure, there could be a link
"hey, did you know there's a tutorial on this topic?"). So
basically all package info and documentation the API knows about,
with all aspects deeply hyperlinked.

That sounds great.  I'm fine with just a few paragraphs, but scans
or photos of hand-drawn diagrams would be great, too.  Especially
since we're all volunteers, spending time on detailed HTML- or
image-based mock-ups seems like too much work.

One thing that all the sites you listed, and many others, have in
common is that one quickly gets to a page with a very long list of
packages, specifications, etc.  Such pages quickly become
overwhelming because there isn't a way to tell which package is
currently maintained, which is alpha-quality, or even what,
specifically, each package does.

For SRFIs (<>), I've tried to solve some
of those problems by making sorting and searching fast, by
optionally showing the abstracts, and by adding keywords.  The URL
is updated as the user changes searching and sorting options, so
every result is instantly bookmarkable.  All of that is done with
simple Javascript, including a simple package called ListJS
(<>).  I still have a long way to go, though.
For example, there's no definitive list of which implementation
supports which SRFI.

It would be cool to expose the schema and the GraphQL page
directly, too, for users who want to explore that way.

What I'd like to know is what categories of information you all
think should be provided first.  I can think of a few:

  - Scheme standards (including SRFIs, of course)
  - Scheme implementations
  - Scheme APIs
  - HOWTO documents, e.g. five ways to run a web server in Scheme
  - Miscellaneous, e.g. links to Planet Scheme,,
  <>, <>, and
  other important sites

Since there's a lot of good information out there already on other
web sites, much of this could be collections of links.