Another attempt to approach Scheme websites Lassi Kortela 10 Jul 2019 21:54 UTC

Since all of us have lots of ideas and it's a big open-ended topic, how
should we proceed with making websites for Scheme?

I regret that the only approach I can do is basically to follow
instincts. The approach is difficult to communicate or sounds
pretentious and alienating, and I don't want to reduce anyone's
excitement and productivity.

Yesterday I also wrote a long reply to Amirouche's mail on the website
content, which was inspiring, but got so tired from working so much
recently and perfectionistic that it's still in drafts folder :| I'm
sorry to not reply in a timely manner.

If you want to make websites in a more traditional way, I can let you
design them and focus just on coding myself, or alternatively we could
make more than one site, then compare and keep changing them. In the
end, we can choose one to be the "official" site (or combine them
somehow if it makes sense). The other sites can still continue to exist.

IMHO the most important thing is that we share the common API. That way
there is less risk in experimenting with new kinds of sites (since if a
design doesn't work out, at least the data is still available). In fact,
the API will probably improve faster if it needs to support different
kinds of sites.

What do you think?