Re: Another attempt to approach Scheme websites Arthur A. Gleckler 11 Jul 2019 21:36 UTC

Lassi Kortela <> writes:

| Personally, I don't believe in working out
| mission statements. I've seen many, and I think
| they are only useful when they say something
| that the people already believe in, as an
| inevitable result of their experiences and
| convictions, without thinking about any mission
| or strategy at all. The most passionate mission
| statements are called manifestos, which may be a
| little too much passion for projects of this
| scope :)

Mission statements do have a bad reputation, and
often for good reasons.  However, without coming
to a common agreement about goals, especially in
the short term, it will be hard to cooperate,
especially since we're all meeting only in the
virtual world.