Re: Protecting Scheme's name for the next 20 years Lassi Kortela 24 Nov 2020 11:37 UTC

> That is a great idea! Thanks for working on this.

Thanks! Welcome aboard.

> Will the domain work like ?

Indeed, looks like it works on a similar principle: projects can
get subdomains. It's not clear how many projects they host. Seems like
their criteria for granting subdomains are quite lax (i.e. doesn't have
to be a big, well-known project).

IMHO it would be a good idea to list all our subdomains on the front page. That means there should be some criteria of
notability for establishing a subdomain. Otherwise we could eventually
wind up with things like subdomains for individual Scheme libraries, of
which there are hundreds. (Though perhaps there could be a subdomain and individual libraries could have nested
subdomains if they want to.)

It would probably be polite to give each Scheme implementation a direct
subdomain of if they want one. Other than that, the standards
(r5rs, r6rs, r7rs, srfi) are obvious candidates. What about well-known
tools like Akku and Snow?