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Re: no constants please Tom Lord 31 Dec 2003 22:42 UTC

    > From: Richard Kelsey <>

    > Within the context of this SRFI I don't care about asynchronous
    > execution (I do care about threads, but as long as C code is not
    > interrupted asychronously they don't matter).  The GC protection
    > mechanism described in the SRFI is inadequate if GCs can occur
    > asynchronously.  Even if variables 'a' and 'b' are protected,
    > there is no guarentee that a = b; will not temporarily store the
    > value of 'b' in some unprotected location such as a register.

Ok, I don't care about this srfi anymore.

You've been presented simple solutions that eliminate those
limitations.  I don't think you have any good reason to blow them off
that way.