Re: Repository of R7RS implementations and tests John Cowan 24 Aug 2015 21:24 UTC

Arthur A. Gleckler scripsit:

> It should implement all the features described in the SRFI document.  In
> addition, if at all possible, please include automated tests.  Having them
> will help implementors, which will increase the likelihood that your SRFI
> is incorporated in Scheme implementations.  In addition, it will help users
> understand how it is to be used.

I would strengthen this to just short of actually requiring tests.  They
don't have to fit a specific test runner:  a Scheme script that prints
messages when tests fail will suffice.  This is 2015, and unit tests
should be a standard part of practice.  Exceptions would be when the
sample implementation is trivial and/or not really meant to be used,
just a proof of concept.  (My upcoming SRFI on ephemerons will have
a completely portable implementation except it won't actually work
with any GC.)

John Cowan
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