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I tried to install sourcehut on debian sid (testing) with the documented
.deb packages, it failed. The official way to install sourcehut is on
bare metal alpine linux but my hosting provider does not provide that
option. I also failed to install alpine from rescue mode (I can't setup
software RAID1).

The documentation of sourcehut is apparently missing some stuff. Even if
it appears like a great software, relying on service architecture and
multiple repositories makes the code base difficult to navigate and work
on. The software components that are used, even if, de facto standard in
Python ecosystem (flask, sqlalchemy orm, alembic migrations) makes it
_for me_ another maintenance burden.

Last but not least, the primary maintainer, Drew Devault, told me that
they are moving toward a only-Go implementation based on graphql, which
is a no-go as far as I concerned.

They are other github-like software forges, source hut seemed like the
best candidate feature-wise (first and foremost because of continuous
integration (, and the mailing list support). I do not know
other software that have both of those features?

My goal with this project is to have a shared space where to mirror and
more generally work on Scheme related topics, that is easy to backup. At
the moment the primary assets of Scheme community are spread over
several services (mainly github, gitlab, google, and simplelists).

Tho, my immediate need is to be able to run automatic tests with several
Scheme to ease and hence increase portability. This is made easier with
github/scheme-containers [0] that rely docker (or podman). I do not know
any software that implement only a public continuous integration that
can rely on docker. Except the security problems related to running
sort-of untrusted code that needs to be nailed down (my plan is to run
each job in their own cloud VM without inbound network except ssh), I
can see how to build one.


Breaking the ice ahead: as far as I know GNU Guix does have the
necessary tooling to do the job. It is Scheme, it is possible to install
on top of an existing distro or on bare metal, it is easier to create
guix package definitions than .deb or .rpm, it is even easier than
gentoo's .ebuild, and they already have some kind of CI software called
cuirass. I will investigate that idea in the coming weeks.