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> True. Perhaps there could even be a FAQ on the website.
> Many aspects of the site and infrastructure are still taking shape. If
> you want to write or implement something, help is welcome.

I'd be happy to help.

>> # Cloning repository with SSH
>> When trying to clone repository with SSH the address is displayed as
>> xxxxxx@localhost:Username/repository.git which I assume should be
>> But even after I change the address to correct one on my machine it
>> says:
>> ```
>> Cloning into 'Instructions'...
>> Permission denied (publickey).
>> fatal: Could not read from remote repository.
>> Please make sure you have the correct access rights
>> and the repository exists.
>> ```
>> Even when I have the ssh key added in my account settings.
>> I will send the other issue in other thread because it is related to
>> backups.
>> Please do note that I do not expect anyone to hurry or even fix these
>> things at all and last thing I want to add is stress.
> No stress.
> SSH access to git doesn't work; that's a known problem. Currently you
> have to use HTTPS.
> The reason is that runs on the same server as many
> other subdomains, so the SSH port of that server is needed for overall
> SSH access to the server. Gitea runs in a Docker container, and runs
> its own SSH server. The SSH protocol doesn't have a reliable feature
> to differentiate between different hostnames on the same IP address,
> so we can't configure the server so that `ssh` and `ssh
>` talk to different SSH daemons.
> By far the easiest and most reliable solution (to both admins and
> users) is to buy a second IPv4 address for the server, and assign
> Gitea's SSH server to that IP. I think it costs about a dollar per
> month.

One reason this would be good to have on the issuess page is that when
the next person
comes to and wonders why SSH is not working they could
search the issues
and see that this is indeed known problem and what others have proposed
as solution.

Anyway my propositions for solution are:

# Disable SSH completety so it wont show in the web UI and confuse
I am assuming its done with configuration flag DISABLE_SSH shown in

# Use gitea builtin SSH server(?)
Same cheat sheet seems to have these flags

START_SSH_SERVER: false: When enabled, use the built-in SSH server.
SSH_PORT: 22: SSH port displayed in clone URL.

I have not used Gitea but from these I assume that by setting
and SSH_PORT to example 2222 Gitea would start its own SSH server in
port 2222 and
add the port in the web UI's clone address.