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> I'd be happy to help.

Great. Everything about is public, but currently disorganized.

Most of our repos are here:



It should be possible to cloned those using HTTPS without a GitHub
account. We should probably store our repos somewhere else eventually,
but we had to start somewhere. (The Scheme community has many people
from GNU who are suspicious of commercial platforms, and also many who
prefer to GitHub.)

If you're decent at Linux system administration, SSH access to the
server is also available. We use Debian, Docker, Postgres, and an
S-expression front-end to Ansible. is designed so it can be spread around any number of servers
freely, so we will probably add more servers in the future (all volunter
funded). The current small VPS is at almost maximum capacity.

> One reason this would be good to have on the issuess page is that when
> the next person
> comes to and wonders why SSH is not working they could
> search the issues
> and see that this is indeed known problem and what others have proposed
> as solution.


> Anyway my propositions for solution are:
> # Disable SSH completety so it wont show in the web UI and confuse people.
> I am assuming its done with configuration flag DISABLE_SSH shown in

Good idea. Done.

> # Use gitea builtin SSH server(?)
> Same cheat sheet seems to have these flags
> START_SSH_SERVER: false: When enabled, use the built-in SSH server.
> SSH_PORT: 22: SSH port displayed in clone URL.
> I have not used Gitea but from these I assume that by setting
> and SSH_PORT to example 2222 Gitea would start its own SSH server in
> port 2222 and
> add the port in the web UI's clone address.

Yes, it should be possible to run Gitea's SSH daemon on the same IP
address but a different port. However, this is not ideal for the long
term since:

1) people have to use the port number, and get confusing errors if they
forget to

2) it means that SSH on the other subdomains also redirects to Gitea.
E.g. can be used as an address for Gitea.

It might be best to splurge on the extra IP address from the start. I'll
look into it. (The current main server is a VPS from