Re: Any more bugs/typos? Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe 16 Sep 2020 16:11 UTC

On 2020-09-16 14:19 +0800, Vladimir Nikishkin wrote:
> >Is the intention to make draw-bezier variadic
> It is variadic, yes. You can supply 3 or more points.

If this is so, then I think the specification of draw-bezier could
be more clearly written as

    (draw-bezier vec1 vec2 [vec3 [vec4]])

with the following description:

"Draws a cubic Bezier curve between *vec1* and *vec2*.  If the *vec3*
argument is supplied, then a quadric curve is drawn.  If *vec4* is
supplied, then *vec2* and *vec3* are used as knots.  It is an error if
any argument is not a list of at least two numbers.  If the canvas
does not exist, it is created."

I find this more compact and clearer than the current description, which
must refer to list elements rather than named arguments.

I also noticed that the sentence "In the simplest case this procedure
can be a synonym to jpeg-file->painter" seems to be misplaced.  It
appears in the description of jpeg-file->painter, but clearly refers
to image-file->painter.

Wolfgang Corcoran-Mathe  <>

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most do.  Those that do not are for wimps." --The Great Quux